Questions & Answers

Why do you make mono amplfiers?

  • There is no interference between channels because of the separate power supplies and separate chassis.
  • Mono amps can be put behind the speakers with very short speaker wires. This minimizes speaker wire loss.
  • Two smaller chassis are easier to move.
    (Quicksilver amps are heavy!)
  • Even when placed side-by-side and used like a stereo amp, you retain the advantages of mono amps.

Now that you no longer have any 8417 tubes, what do I do with my 8417 Mono Amplfiers?

We can offer you the following if your 8417 Mono Amplfiers have not been previously modified:

  • For $250/pair (plus cost of new tubes), we can modify your amplifers to use EL34 output tubes by changing the front end circuitry and the bias circuitry. We also replace the 12BH7 with a 6922. This modification must be done at Quicksilver and comes with a one year warranty.

  • For original owners of Quicksilver 8417 amplifiers we will give you $900 trade-in toward a pair of new Mid Mono Mono Amplifiers. Returned amplifiers should be complete, with tubes, but do not need to be in working condition. At what bias should I set my Quicksilver amplifiers?

    M135 Mono Amplifiers EL34 40ma
    V4 Mono Amplifiers KT88 40ma
    M80 Mono Amplifiers EL34 60ma
    Silver Mono Amplifiers KT88 80ma
    KT88 Mono Amplifiers KT88 110ma
    8417 Mono Amplifiers 8417 90ma
    MX190 Stereo Amplifier EL34 53ma
    The Silver 60s, Horn Monos, M60 Mono Amplifiers, the GLA, and the Mini-Mite Mono Amplifiers are self-biasing. Burned-in, matched pairs of output tubes should be used in these amplifiers.

    What is the input impedance of Quicksilver amplifiers?

    All Quicksilver amplifiers have an input impedance of 100 K.

    What is the input sensitivity of Quicksilver amplifiers?

    The input sensitivity of all Quicksilver amplifiers except the Horn Mono is in the range of 1 to 1.5 volts.

    What about balanced inputs?

    At Quicksilver we believe very strongly in KIS - Keep it simple! Balanced inputs require extra circuitry in the signal path - circuitry that we believe gets between you and the music. There are applications for balanced inputs in the recording industry where noise becomes an issue when using long cable lengths with low level (microphone) signals. Also, some systems require balanced circuitry because all other components are balanced. Quicksilver can make V4 amplifiers in balanced configuration for these circumstances.

    What cables should I use?

    We recommend you keep it simple. Use simple cable geometries, high purity copper or pure silver, shielded interconnects, and keep your speaker wire as short as possible.

    What is Quicksilver Audio's warranty?

    Three years parts and labor; 90 days on tubes. Please review our complete warranty statement.

    I would like more information on vacuum tubes that Quicksilver Audio uses.

    Please visit our Vacuum Tubes page.

    I would like more information on past Quicksilver Audio products.

    Please visit our Past Products and History pages.